Lifting children and their families out of poverty.

Working in rural Nicaragua, we are transforming lives through the message of Jesus Christ, bringing a quality education, humanitarian relief, and community development.

Sponsor a Child

Compassion in Action has constructed and operates an elementary and secondary school in Ciudad Dario, Nicaragua called Dario Christian Academy. We provide an outstanding elementary and secondary Christian education for as many students as possible in Dario where, due to poverty, local resources are not currently available to accomplish this on their own. This includes opportunities to develop talents and gifts in art, music, use of technology; and an inclusion program for special-needs students.

Our Ricardo Martinez Computer Lab is state of the art. We are able to provide training for our students in technology, and necessary access to valuable information for our teachers.

We prepare our students to further their education at the university level both in Nicaragua and the United States. Our graduates attending university are excelling at their studies and on track to complete their educational goals. For those students who choose not to attend university, we have prepared them with vocational training to provide for their future, helping to change the landscape of the city of Dario as well as the country of Nicaragua.

The impact of Compassion in Action on the country of Nicaragua cannot be discounted. Cooking classes teach young people the value of a healthy diet while preparing delicious meals made from low cost ingredients. Our garden provides training in growing fruit and vegetables for personal consumption and as a potential business. Hygiene and health classes prepare our children to understand disease prevention and how they can care for themselves as well as their future families. We are leaving a permanent mark on the country of Nicaragua that will affect generations to come.

Through Christian education, we are positioned to bear witness to the life-transforming truths of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. By extension of the school’s family and community relationships, Compassion in Action works alongside local families to help them gain a Christian worldview which can promote and sustain spiritual, physical, and vocational well-being.