An Interview with Ana Gabriela, 4th Grade Student at Dario Christian Academy in Dario, Nicaragua

We hope you can take several minutes to enjoy the YouTube video message from Ana Gabriela, a 4th grade student at Dario Christian Academy, including Narlly's narration/translation which begins at 90 seconds into the video.

In an effort to give you greater access to the ministry and how it is touching and impacting the lives of the students and their families in Dario, we will bring you more of these student interview profiles in the months to come.

Here is the English translation of Ana Gabriela's video message:

Hello my name is Ana Gabriela and I am in the 4th grade.

When I go to school I do everything with much love, because I know I will learn something new each day, and I can give evidence of that through my grades. Something I really enjoy at school is to play soccer with my friends. Despite my health problems, I give my best effort because I really like to play.

My family is quite numerous. My mother is a single mom, and I have a younger brother. We live with my aunt who I love and admire so much, because she has been like a mom to me when my mother has had to go far away for work. My aunt makes tortillas for a living and has to start working every day at three in the morning. She is very special because she is such a hard worker. My Mama Julia is my grandmother, and also like a mother to me. I am missing her right now because she is trying to get better after a major surgery, so she hasn’t been able to spend much time with me.

In spite of many health problems, like Dengue Fever, I continue to work hard every day so that I can become an accountant, because I like math so much. Although no one in my family comes along, I love to go to church every Sunday to learn more about God, and to ask Him to help me so that one day I can be a reflection of him, and help my family out of poverty.

Missionary Support for the Mendez Family

Julio and Narlly Mendez are compassionate and disciplined disciples of Christ, and the fruit of their loving-kindness is evident in the hundreds of lives who have been drawn to a saving relationship with Christ by their witness in Dario, Nicaragua. They are also very generous, discerning wisely, but often attending to the needs of their impoverished neighbors from their own scarce personal finances. Everything you pledge in support will go directly to meet the needs of their family. Please be generous in your support as we seek to raise $2000 per month in missionary support for the Mendez family (see update chart within).

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