Real Hope and Change

But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.

Jeremiah 17:7

There is so much to share but I will pick just 5 things for now!

  1. The first couple months of school have been super busy, but at the same time super blessed! One of the neat things that we are seeing is how the pastors in town have started to value DCA a lot more and are embracing it as their own to care for. We have 5 new students this year who are pastor's kids and each week at the devotional for the high-schoolers, a different pastor shares a message. We have 54 high-schoolers in our discipleship classes and it has been great to see them challenged to walk in faith.
  2. Perhaps you have heard in the news about the many recent earthquakes in Nicaragua including a magnitude 6.6 earthquake in April. We are all okay but Julio has led emergency drills and has been training teachers and staff in the area of safety in emergency situations. We are still in need of something that can make enough noise for all to hear because the lower elementary school building is far enough away that our regular bell can hardly be heard there.
  3. Last Sunday we set up a large "Family Day" event with the goal of raising funds for various projects. The preschoolers are aiming to build 3 picnic style tables which will cost around $820 for all three and they sold used clothes and home supplies like a yard sale with the support of various people in town donating things. They raised around $280! The 6th graders organized games and rented out a portable family pool where kids would pay around $0.20 for 20 minutes. They raised around $100! A lot of people from the community came in support and we felt it was a big success. We hope to set up another event soon so we can reach our goals. We are not asking for your support on this, just wanting you to know how much pride and initiative our students have taken in their school and how much they appreciate all you do to make this possible!
  4. It has been neat to have a couple of our DCA graduates back on campus to help out. Kenia has been substituting for our English teacher who is out on maternity leave, and Jose Elias is coaching our students to compete in the math olympics. We are grateful to them for volunteering. They both love the Lord and the ministry here and also wanted to express their gratitude for the special scholarships they have received to support their college expenses (Kenia $30 monthly, and Jose Elias $50). It is such a blessing to see so many of our DCA graduates now attending universities.
  5. By way of prayer requests, drug and alcohol abuse is a major temptation within our community and our students are in need of prayer support as we endeavor to encourage and equip them to step out and stand up against the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Indeed we believe that every boy and girl entrusted to our care will run a great race and overcome great obstacles as they receive their strength from Jesus, the author and perfecter of their faith!!

We thank you so much for your faithful support of Compassion in Action. Please know that your support is enabling many young lives to hear and respond to the life-changing truths of a relationship with Jesus Christ. May God bless each of you, these students, their families, their community, and their nation, for generations to come. Amen!