Graduation Day in Dario, Nicaragua

The following is a special report from Karen Krueger, one of Compassion in Action's founders.

Dear Friends,

What a blessing for us to be able to attend Dario Christian Academy's 2013 Kindergarten, 6th grade and High School graduations. In December, Rod and I had the fun privilege to travel to Nicaragua with Glen and Becky Gordon. Glen is a fellow Compassion in Action Director and Becky is our awesome bookkeeper. This year, the graduation ceremonies were dedicated to God, the Gordons, and the teachers.

The graduation ceremony setting was lovely, held under the spacious, new auditorium roof surrounded with beautiful vegetation planted by Julio. There was a constant balmy breeze and live Christian music playing in the background.

The future kindergartners stole the show with their cuteness, and singing abilities. The sixth graders were more serious, and each received their very own Bible as a gift.

Watching the High School graduates walk the aisle to receive their diploma, with a parent or family member escort at their side, brought back a flood of memories. It was moving to see proud and happy expressions on their parent’s faces. Rod and I have known some of these students since they were little girls and boys, and to see them grown up now as beautiful, smart, healthy young adults, who love Jesus, was such a joy!

Julio and Narlly told us that every one of the 2013 high school graduates are planning to go on to college. And, one of the girls wants to study to be a teacher, and then come back to teach at DCA!

Narlly showed us that they have all of the Compassion in Action donor/sponsors last names written on prayer slips, which are posted on a board in each classroom. Daily, the teachers pick one name and the students pray for that family with great fervor. If your family has a special prayer request, please email it to: and we will forward it on.

This prayerful action reminded me of the following scriptures found in II Corinthians 9 — “You (“donors/sponsors”) show your gratitude to God through your generous offerings. Meanwhile, moved by the extravagance of God in your lives, they (“the teachers and students”) respond by praying for you in passionate intercession for whatever you need.” (The Message)

And, God, who is the One, who gives us everything to give to others, gets all the glory and praise!

Karen Krueger