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U.S. Ambassador Visits Our School

In May 2011, we were given, by God’s grace, a matching Grant of $23,000 to build a classroom and to install a metal roof over a large concrete foundation built earlier by a US team. This space now functions as an auditorium and multipurpose room.

USAID funds projects in various parts of Nicaragua and the world. They approved about 87 grants throughout Nicaragua this last year. Since then, the funding in Nicaragua has been cut in a big way. Out of the 87 projects funded, they planned to choose only ONE to be visited by the US Ambassador to Nicaragua. They had a hard time deciding between two projects so they decided to divide the Ambassador’s time between the two. One of them was our Dario Christian Academy!

It was an exciting day for all of us with special security guys all around and the opportunity to share about the beautiful school God has placed in Dario to bless over 300 students. When Ambassador Phyllis M. Powers arrived she was met by a small group of preschool and primary grade students. She then toured the high school walking into every classroom and having a small chat with the students about the subject matter they were currently studying and encouraged them to continue in school and put out all their efforts. She was very attentive and down to earth with the kids and they enjoyed her presence.

A group of parents who are very involved with their kid’s education were able to share about all the difference that DCA has made in their lives and the lives of their children. Also, our top senior students expressed their gratitude for this Project that was completed at their school. This time of sharing was followed by a small presentation by elementary school girls who had earlier won first place in our annual English Festival. They sang “Lord I Give You My Heart” and expressed that we owe everything to God and it is because of Him that we have our school. Other children presented handmade gifts made from recycled materials and also a group picture of our high school kids in front of the multipurpose area which now has a roof thanks to this special Grant!

Ms. Powers was pleased with all she saw and with what was shared and the 45 minutes flew by. We trust God we were able to give a testimony of grateful hearts and loving kids.