Ways to Give

Child Sponsorship

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere, hit severely by recent national disasters and years of civil war and unrest. Many of the children in this country are undernourished and few have educational opportunities. Your decision to partner with Compassion In Action through a sponsorship committment will help provide a child with an education, nutritious food and access to medical attention. Most important, a sponsored child will be shown the love of Christ and will grow up learning how to serve Him and to serve others.

When you begin a sponsorship with CinA we apply your sponsorship toward the cost of educating all of the students. However, if you prefer to sponsor an individual child, please indicate so on your sponsorship request and one of our volunteer coordinators will follow up with you regarding the child’s name and age.

What does a child receive through my sponsorship?

They will learn about Jesus Christ. Bible instruction is part of the core curriculum so each child has an opportunity to learn how they can trust and follow Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Education. Each child has the opportunity to learn and develop their higher level thinking skills in the areas of math, language arts, social studies, music, art and science. Classroom sizes are small compared to the overcrowded public schools in Nicaragua.

Nutritious meal. Every child is given a well balanced school lunch each day. For some, this may be the only meal he or she will recieve that day.

School supplies. Each child’s classroom is well-equipped with school supplies, and school uniforms may also be provided on an as-needed basis.

Physical Care. As resources allow and needs arise, we help provide for the special medical needs of our children. Whenever possible, we also welcome medical and dental specialists as participants of short-term mission teams.

Sponsor a Child